The Alien In Our Oceans
Samantha josephine burrow alien octopus

This digital illustration was created entirely on the iPad.

Samantha josephine burrow close up

I like to use a screentone effect in my shading to add a little extra interest and texture.

Samantha josephine burrow octopus flat colour

Base Colours.

Samantha josephine burrow octopus lineart

Initial Line Work.

Samantha josephine burrow octopus tote bag white

The design was intended for use on a tote bag.

The Alien In Our Oceans

"(The Octopus) is probably the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien.” - Peter Godfrey-Smith

I once read that there is a group of scientist that actually believe that the Octopus is evolved from alien bacteria that landed on earth from a meteorite. I also read that most other scientists think this theory is bonkers. I though the theory was a fun one so I created this illustration with the intent to use it as a tote bag design.

This illustration was created entirely on the 1st Gen iPad Pro in Clip Studio Paint.

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